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We are proud of our steady growth over the past few years as clients, both large and small, realise the benefits that can be made through using our services. Some of the largest firms of Managing Agents use the Clifford Talbot Partnership as do some of the very large investment and insurance companies. They entrust us with their property portfolios - why don’t you?


Time and again our in-house developed systems and procedures have been proven to be more effective than ‘off-the-shelf’ packages used by most brokers and consultants, or by in-house buyers. We frequently take on supplies that have been managed by others and within days identify savings and refunds from earlier errors.

Compare us against your current methods of working.



Internal Buyer

Do they know suppliers sufficiently to avoid those facing financial problems, or those who have contract clauses that are uncompetitive?


Do they know which suppliers have a good level of customer service?


Would they know the energy markets in sufficient detail to be able to determine when to issue an early tender in order to make the most of cheap unit prices?


Suppliers have varying methods of quoting and charging, e.g. different periods for standing charges, excluding certain pass-through charges etc. Are you confident that they are comparing like-with-like during tenders?


Who validates and approves the invoices? Are you confident that this is being completed thoroughly? Do you receive management reports on a regular basis?



Brokerage Service

It is important to be aware that we are totally independent and receive no commission from suppliers. Unlike ourselves, Utility Brokers request suppliers to add commission payments to the rates charged for energy consumption (in p/kWh). They are not disclosed on invoices, there are no controls in place to monitor this process, and most Brokers and many consultants take commission payments thus inflating the electricity and natural gas invoices received by clients. OFGEM is currently investigating commission payments to Third Party Intermediaries.


Does the broker provide you with a tender report which shows their commission? It may be much more than you are willing to pay for their service.


Are they really adding their negotiation skills to obtain the best prices for you or do they only go to those suppliers who agree to higher commission payments?


Do they offer trained personnel to check where other savings can be made?


Do they validate and approve the invoices? Is it in their interest to seek to help you reduce your consumption? Probably not since this would invariably reduce their commission.


If you do not know what commission is paid to your broker, download the pro-forma letter (click here). Print it on your headed stationery and write to your broker asking them to sign and return to you. Then download the pro-forma letter (click here) and write or email to your supplier asking them to confirm the rates paid, and what the totals over a 12 month period attaching a copy of the letter signed by the broker.


To give you an idea of commission rates, use the on-line calculator (click here) to see what commission might be paid.



Shared Savings Consultant

Do they provide the same level and quality of service as we do? For example, do they resolve billing errors irrespective of time taken, provide contractual support and cross-check half hour electrical demands against invoice data?
With shared savings, how do they benchmark their savings and is it realistic? You may end up saving very little if you pay in advance and the results are not fully achieved.


Are they showing very large savings? If so, the alarm bells should sound! When negotiating a supply that is already on contract, the difference between the best and worst prices is typically no more than 10%.


Do they suggest other energy management solutions following analysis of consumption patterns?



Clifford Talbot Partnership

Clifford Talbot Partnership do not receive commission nor take any share of savings - we charge a simple fee which can be as low as £50 per quarter. We are totally impartial and thus all actions are in the client’s best interest.

We are confident that we can provide a more flexible and cost effective solution to your utility procurement and monitoring requirements - whatever your current method may be.

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