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Copies of current Terms and Conditions of all suppliers are kept on record and are checked for potentially onerous terms. A summary of the pertinent terms are issued to the client during the tender reporting process. In this way all suppliers that do not meet a satisfactory level of clarity in their terms are not on our tender lists and clients are made aware of any terms that may not be acceptable to them before they sign the contract.

Following the tender process we will ensure that the subsequent contract documentation issued by suppliers is correct, is signed by the client and countersigned by the supplier.

We will monitor the registration of the supplies by a new supplier and work with clients and suppliers to resolve any objections. Early resolution of objections can save significant amounts of money as it minimises the amount of time or completely avoids the supplies reverting to expensive out-of-contract rates if the new supplier registers the supplies later than the contracted start date.

Our Utility Account Managers will minimise the number of inter-shipper agreed read (ISAR) issues by obtaining customer readings at contract start where possible. However, if this is not possible we will work with suppliers to resolve ISAR disputes.

Where late registration has occurred but it is not the fault of the client, we will use our best endeavours to negotiate with suppliers not to bill out-of-contract rates.

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