Energy and Utility Management Consultants

Online Client Service

Clifford Talbot were one of the first companies to provide online data for the analysis and graphical display of electricity used. In 1999 we developed our first half hour data website for the analysis and graphical display of electricity demands.


Our online system provides a crucial insight into energy usage for any company and is accessible by clients via a secure username and password providing access to only their data. Data, reports and graphs can be displayed and/or downloaded in pdf or Excel format and it:


  • provides graphical displays of half hour electrical maximum demand data
  • calculates energy consumption (day, night and total) together with peak demands
  • enables us to cross check this data against supplier invoices
  • allows our staff and our clients to review the graphs to identify any anomalies and to assess the potential for further energy and cost savings.


In addition, depending on client requirements, data can be updated as frequently as Day + 1 thus providing a very recent view of what is happening for a particular supply.