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Wholesale Prices Fall At Start of August

August 2011


Despite relatively low imports through the Langeled Norway/UK interconnector over the last few days, the three main wholesale markets have seen several falls over the past few days. Most notable has been the recent and welcome 'slump' in brent crude oil prices - the main driving force behind the wholesale prices of electricity and natural gas prices. The last 2 months have seen a massive 12% fall in the prices of Brent Crude, with a whopping 9% fall in the last week alone.  As always, the domestic markets, which have seen massive increases in the last few months, are unlikely to reflect these falls but the in-day business markets will benefit business energy users. Our in-depth knowledge of supplier, industry and markets gives our clients a huge advantage when it comes to tendering their energy contracts for future supply, be that for 6, 12, 24 months or beyond. We are totally flexible to client requirements and take each case on its own merit to the benefit of our client.

It's impossible to avoid reports of the recent and abhorrent riots across England, which will see a massive clean-up operation over the coming weeks. Although not on the scale to expect any impact on the prices of energy, with several clients of ours in the affected locations we'll be keeping a keen eye on any developments.

If you are not yet taking advantage and reaping the rewards of our Utility Consultancy - now is a good time to tie in any outstanding utilities contracts, be that short or long term - just get in touch and let us use our expertise to best advise you when to contract, and to whom - and you'll also find we have many areas of excellence which would benefit all aspects of your business utility management needs.





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