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Turnaround in Government Policies Affecting Local Councils

August 2010


From Monday 16th August Local Councils will be able to sell generated renewable electricity to the grid. Upon privatising electric back in 1990, which saw the Central Electricity Generating Board dismantled and replaced by three major companies; Powergen, National Power and the National Grid Company - Local Councils were restricted from selling any excess renewable electricity into the grid (other than that generated from combined heat and power). As a result of this policy revision, not only will we see more available renewal capacity, but also, according to the Department of Energy & Climate Change, local authorities in England and Wales could gain up to 100 million per year in extra revenue.

The electricity markets are now a very different animal when compared to the early 90's - with many companies, such as Bizz Energy, emerging and failing, and many more takeovers being seen, most recently and noticeably - EDF's takeover of British Energy in 2009. From the original three above, you can now chalk up in excess of 70 suppliers coming and going over the last 20 years, all to give end users more choice in the markets.
And that's where we come in. With valuable relationships in place with the majority of suppliers, we're able to source best prices with a prompt turnaround in order to give our clients the best possible service and most up-to-date and thorough reports. We liaise with all the major suppliers and many of the smaller ones. We're constantly monitoring their performance and we review our supplier lists at regular intervals; if any supplier, no matter how big or small, fails to meet the high expectations and service levels we and our clients expect, they will be informed of this and be given the chance to improve or face being struck off our list - we don't take commission nor do we have preferred suppliers so you can be guaranteed of impartial, expert advice at all times.

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