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Smart Metering on its way for Small Businesses

April 2011


The implementation of smart metering is recognised as key to Britain’s transition to a low-carbon economy through providing businesses with information to proactively manage their electricity use.  OFGEM this week produced a Factsheet to introduce this, which suggests that the rollout will be between 2014 and 2019.


Therefore from April 2014 any newly installed or replacement meters for profile class 03 and 04 supplies will be to smart meter specification.  Any supplies with profile classes 05 to 08 already have government targets in place to replace with smart meters by 2014 and some suppliers are already well on track to achieving this target.  


The implementation of smart metering has many advantages to businesses including:

  • Accurate invoices – suppliers are able to read the meter remotely
  • Precise procurement – enabled through accurate annual consumption data
  • Capability for selling energy back to the supplier where generated at site, such as through solar panels or wind turbines
  • Greater choice of tariffs – such as “time of use” tariffs which offer different charges at different times of the day
  • Reduced energy consumption – detailed information provided by the meter will highlight energy efficiency opportunities


At Clifford Talbot Partnership we can help our customers with smart metering by:

  • Discussing the costs and benefits of installing smart meters
  • Tendering your supplies to suitable providers
  • Ensuring that the meter configuration allows its data to be used to maximum effect
  • Our bill validation service ensures all bills are accurate reflecting the recorded data; particularly important during the change from “dumb” to smart meters
  • Highlighting energy efficiency opportunities to decrease consumption and costs


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