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Small Falls Heading into GMT

October 2010


The last week has seen modest falls across natural gas, oil and electricity markets, but nothing worth getting excited about.

The end of this week will see the clocks roll back one hour as the UK switches from BST to GMT. Officially going into 'winter time' is unlikely to affect market prices, but any users on 'seasonal time of day' (or STOD) meters will see their tariff roll onto the higher winter unit rates.

Here at CTP we've never been a big fan of STOD meters owing to the high winter and peak unit rate charges, and we look to recommend where these meters can be upgraded to traditional day/night meters or to AMR (automatic meter reading), which will record your usage on an hourly basis to better enable Energy Management and Utility Cost Management (which we'll also report on in detail as part of our Utility Bureau Service). Changes like this will invariably reflect huge savings with no commission going to ourselves at all enabling our clients to keep hold of the savings and not share huge amounts with energy brokers.





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