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Small Climb After Recent Falls

August 2010


After the falls in the markets we've been seeing since the start of July, the last few days have seen both the gas and electricity markets increase a little. These rises can be considered normal behaviour for the markets at present, and is nothing which should cause undue alarm. Regular peaks and troughs are in keeping with historic patterns - during the climbs to the highest points of the markets, and the plummets to the lowest points, we have always seen little ups and downs.

Although not solely accredited to the recent movements, the fact that the Didcot Power station fell off-line last week after scheduled maintenance - suggesting it may be off-line for most of the summer - and the imminent reopening of the Transitgas pipeline in Switzerland which is expected to boost European demand for UK gas will have had an upward impact on forward prices. Conversely; Rough, the UK's largest gas storage facility, is due to close for maintenance in mid-September - freeing up gas to the markets that would otherwise be injected into the site.

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