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Slight Increases in all Power Prices

May 2010


The last week has seen an unwelcome, but not unexpected rise in the wholesale prices of gas, electricity and oil - with prices peaking at approximately 11% higher than those of the same time last month. Although the middle of May saw a dip in prices, an upward continuation has since come into place showing a slight, but steady increase.

As always, no one factor can be solely responsible for this, but it can be assumed that the uncertainty over the new coalition government and their confusing and somewhat contradictory plans for energy and climate change can be taken into account.

As an expert in Energy Procurement and Utility Management, we have taken advantage of the recent low markets for many of our clients who will be enjoying the savings secured as far away as September 2012 in some cases.

If you aren't yet taking advantage of our Utility Bureau Service, it's not too late to get in touch and see how we can benefit your company's energy management and spending.





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