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Severn Barrage Resurrected?

December 2010


Following our report on the 19th October "New Power Station Sites Planned, Others Shelved", the Severn Barrage 8.6GW tidal project, which was a casualty of recent government cuts, might still come to fruition thanks to a consortium of private investors. Predicted to cost approximately 30bn, the massive barrage will stretch across the river Severn from Cardiff to Weston Super Mare and harness the power of the second largest tidal range in the world with a return of some 5% of the UK's energy needs - half of the country's current overall renewable target.

The consortium, including Halcrow, Arup and KPMG, claim that privately financing this would be a "viable, renewable source of energy, which is able to meet the UK's future energy needs". While it must be recognised that this privately funded project is worthwhile and appreciated, the Government must not start relying on consortiums to bail them out of any other cancelled projects; a clear and long-term plan and associated funding is essential to ensure the UK are able to meet, and indeed, exceed all targets related to renewable energy.





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