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Queens speech provides support for shale gas extraction

June 2014


The Queen’s speech, which highlighted the coalition government’s plans for their last year in power, included measures to support the development of gas and oil from shale and geothermal energy by “clarifying and streamlining the underground access regime”. A planned Infrastructure Bill will allow companies to install pipework under private land without permission. This is intended to “enhance the UK’s energy independence and security by opening up access to shale and geothermal sites and maximising North Sea resources.”

Delays to Electricity Market Reform legislation raises risk of capacity crunch

A notable absence from the Queen’s speech was the planned secondary legislation to deliver a new subsidy regime and capacity market for the UK electricity industry. The Electricity Market Reform (EMR) package will introduce new measures to support low carbon generation and promote security of supply. Crucial legislation relating to EMR reportedly requires further scrutiny and is now 3-4 weeks behind schedule. This delay risks pushing back the first capacity auctions, scheduled for December, and may jeopardise the government's plan to deliver new capacity by winter 2018.

Clifford Talbot were recently instructed on a portfolio of approximately 20 shops, that were found to be being billed on default or out of contract rates. We secured a total of £65,553 worth of savings, most of which was through the negotiation on new contracts, that represented a reduction of between 36% and 56%, compared to the current rates. £7,655 of this total saving was achieved through backdating the negotiated rates with the incumbent supplier.

In an environment where energy costs can quite realistically account for some 50% of a company's budget, looking to reduce costs with as little outlay and as quick a turnaround as possible is imperative. We at the Clifford Talbot Partnership have been achieving significant savings for our clients for many years, the majority of whom renew their contracts with us year-on-year; a testament to the great service they're receiving. Not only do we regularly identify savings too often overlooked by the untrained eye or by our predecessors, but our clear and fair contracting policy lets you know exactly where you stand and carries no hidden charges at all. It is this ethos that has seen us flourish as a business energy consultant to become one of the most respected utility management consultancies in the UK. Get in touch now to speak to an energy consultant and find out what we can do for you.

Wholesale Market Price Update – 5th June 2014

Wholesale electricity and gas markets have remained at their flattest level in several months over the last fortnight. Weak demand and good supply levels are continuing to hold down short term prices. Meanwhile, some progress has been made in the Ukraine/Russia gas dispute, with Ukraine paying off some of it’s gas debt. This has reduced fears of disruption to supplies from Russia to Europe via Ukraine and has lead to greater stability in longer term prices.

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