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Prices Continue to Rise

November 2010


The early onset of the harsh Winter that had been forecast and which has seen snow falling across most of the UK and temperatures dropping into double figures below zero in some regions, has resulted in a continued upward movement across all energy markets. Natural gas has responded the most as people turn up heating in offices, factories and homes across the country, resulting in hugely increased demand.

Although supply still remains plentiful - the UK have regular LNG deliveries, as well as the ability to draw on imports through the UK-Belgium interconnector and the massive undersea Rough storage facility - the market prices will reflect any large uplift in demand as traders see the increased usage and look to secure business at best prices.

For expert advice on how to better manage your energy usage this Winter - just get in touch using the contact details on this page and speak to one of our expert Energy Management team; we can even arrange a site survey for you to offer a completely personalised and professional service, culminating in a detailed report of recommendations for energy savings. This doesn't just relate to your natural gas usage of course - many electricity contracts are still based on STOD (Seasonal Time of Day) meters which will see higher unit rates over the Winter periods - which is something else our Energy Procurement team can look to advise on.





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