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Ofgem informs suppliers it is disappointed by their advanced meter roll out performance

August 2014


In April 2009 utility suppliers were advised that they were required to install advanced meters for their larger business electricity and gas supplies by April 2014. Ofgem have announced that this roll out is only 75% complete for electricity and 86% complete for gas, they have described these percentages as disappointing. Suppliers were expected to have taken ‘all reasonable steps’ to install advanced meters for all of their qualifying supplies by the deadline. Ofgem are currently examining whether suppliers have indeed taken all reasonable steps to install these meters, and are considering their approach to enforcement action against suppliers who have not met their obligations under the scheme.

Wind makes up record share of UK power mix

On Sunday 16th August 2014 wind power supplied a record high 22% of the UK’s power requirements. Although outright generation fell far short of the UK record of 7.2 GW, the typical low weekend demand for power allowed the 5.7 GW output to take a greater proportional stake of total electricity produced. Wind was only surpassed in the fuel mix by nuclear at 24% and gas-fired power at 26%. RenewableUK stated that the record proves “that onshore and offshore wind has become an absolutely fundamental component in this country’s energy mix”.

Clifford Talbot recently began managing a gas supply, where the contract was due to end shortly. The supplier had not received termination notice, and so advised that the contract would be automatically renewed for a further 12 months at uncompetitive rates. We escalated a complaint with the supplier and were able to negotiate a vast reduction in rates, saving the client £16,748 over the next contract period. Through this negotiation in rates, the annual spend for this supply fell from £19,866 to £3,117, a decrease of more than 500%!

Using our industry contacts and knowledge our Utility Consultants will secure energy contracts at best possible prices and on terms to suit individual client, we also ensure that everything related to the life of the contract goes as smoothly as possible by carrying out invoice validation and error resolution on your behalf.  This not only saves you the inconvenience and frustration of receiving incorrect bills which need to be rectified, but also saves valuable man-hours related to ensuring contract details are all correctly applied. To take advantage of our full Utility Bureau Service, just get in touch using the links on this page.

Wholesale Market Price Update – 21st August 2014

Wholesale electricity and gas market movements continue to be dominated by the tensions between Ukraine and Russia. Ukraine has recently approved a new law allowing the imposition of sanctions on Russia, which includes possible limitations on gas transit through the country. This has increased fears of distribution to gas supplies from Russia to Europe. These fears, coupled with the shutdown of four UK nuclear reactors for safety checks, have caused prices to continue on their recent upward trend.

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