Energy and Utility Management Consultants

Notable Successes - Continued Financial Savings for Clients

February 2012


We are finding savings for clients on a daily basis. Just a few of these are reported below: 1. A saving of over £2,800 was made by us by disputing a closing/opening meter reading on a new account. We analysed what our clients typical usage would be based upon their mode of operation and the credit was subsequently agreed. 2. In a similar situation, we again disputed a client’s opening/closing invoice on a new account which we felt was grossly over estimated. In this example, we achieved a credit for our client of more than £26,000. 3. We arranged a contract on a shipperless natural gas supply, but the supplier billed the meter from 0, not the reading on the date of registration - this resulted in a saving of around £6,000. 4. The area a water company charged for surface water drainage seemed to be too high so we arranged a site visit to the property. As a result the area was reduced by three bands and the revised charges backdated to when the property was first billed. The result was a credit for around £12,500. 5. For a client with a large portfolio, we successfully negotiated a contract without the need for a security deposit which would otherwise have been about £500,000. 6. A new client had been historically overcharged for their agreed capacity; something we quickly picked up following the addition of the accounts to our UBS. After collecting and presenting evidence to the supplier concerned, an actual saving of £106,000 was realised and refunded.   These are just a few typical examples of what our Utility Consultants are achieving.





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