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Markets Continue to Climb, but Better Times Ahead?

March 2012


As we officially go into springtime, all prices have continued to rise, and although electricity and gas have slowed somewhat, Brent crude oil has hit $126 per barrel, which is fractionally higher than the peak in April 2011. We're now at the highest point since the market spike of 2008 - which reached a high of $145 before plummeting back to $40 per barrel at the end of 2008. The climb we're now seeing is not totally dissimilar to that of 2008, but is averaging slightly higher. Whether this means we will shortly start to see a fall as we did then is purely guesswork at the moment, but with higher than average seasonal temperatures forecast for the coming weeks, and rumours that the US & the UK are willing and likely to dip into strategic reserves, some confidence may be restored in the markets and limit the climbs. Subscribe here to have Clifford Talbot Partnership regular updates delivered directly to your inbox for all the latest news on energy prices.





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