Energy and Utility Management Consultants

Market Knowledge Results In Huge Savings

September 2010


A long-standing client of ours recently benefitted from the foresight and industry knowledge of our Utility Consultants when we tendered early for their gas and electricity supplies. In February, we gathered information and decided it was the right time to carry out procurement for this particular client, along with several others who had contract anniversary dates looming, and so we approached the markets.

Once our full energy procurement procedures were completed - which included keen negotiations between several suppliers and regular contact with the client - contracts were secured for the period starting August 2010, all to include smart meters (where applicable) free of charge. Smart meters usually carry a fee of several hundreds of pounds each.

Now that the contracts are up and running, we have revisited the markets to see if the right decision was made. In this case, going to markets early has resulted in savings of 43% on the gas prices and 32% savings on the electricity prices compared to the market prices if we had tendered closer to the renewal dates.

In monetary terms this reflects savings of over 300,000 for this client alone, massively outweighing our UBS charge. We of course also include energy management and bill validation, amongst several other valuable services.

As a long established Energy Consultancy and Utility Consultancy we're very happy to be able to provide this service to all old, new and future clients - just get in touch to see what we can do for you.





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