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Hydrogen to store Wind Power, Which? calls for Energy Review

July 2013


The Energy Secretary, Ed Davey, has announced Government plans to investigate the use of hydrogen technology to store energy produced by wind turbines when not required on the grid. This technology uses wind generated energy to fuel a chemical reaction which converts water to hydrogen, as recently demonstrated by a plant which started operating in Germany in June. If successful this would increase the reliability of wind power which is one of it’s greatest drawbacks.

Which? has called for an independent review of the Energy sector, following a year-long investigation which has raised concerns about the operation of a number of energy companies. Particular criticism was raised against potential conflicts of interest stemming from energy companies which control both power stations and retail supply businesses, potentially reducing competition and resulting in higher prices for consumers. Allegations of wholesale gas market rigging earlier this year are already being investigated by Ofgem and The Financial Conduct Authority.

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