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Energy Management

December 2010


The Environmental Agency has recently published its ‘Greener Business Report’ which measures the environmental performance of companies across the UK. Findings concluded that UK organisations waste £6bn annually because of energy inefficiencies; although this is lower than previous wastage (partially accredited to the recession) it's still an alarming amount. Only 55% of tested sites received a top performance grade and delivered a combined 15% reduction in the Global Warming Potential (which measures carbon and other greenhouse gasses).

The agency noted that understanding was growing, that more experts in Energy Efficiency (such as ourselves) were being employed and that good environmental performance was good for business as a whole, not just your bottom line costs.

The Carbon Trust (the government-funded advisory body) has also commented on Energy Management, pointing out that the UK could easily save £1bn as well as reduce carbon emissions by 46million tonnes through better Energy Efficiency alone.

Although some savings are merely common sense (more efficient heating and lighting systems, and improved building insulation and travel policies), there are some that cannot be identified by the 'man in the street', which is where we're able to assist.

At Clifford Talbot, we have been conducting Energy Surveys since 1984 and have saved hundreds of companies hundreds of thousands of pounds through our recommendations - get in touch now to see how we can help reduce your Energy Costs and Emissions; there's no better time to start saving than the Winter!





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