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Flexible Utility Procurement

Flexible utility procurement is a buying solution available to larger customers which enables the purchase of gas and electricity in numerous blocks or Tranches throughout the term of a contract. This enables customers to exploit utility market falls and spread the risk, in what can be a volatile market place.


The key to success is CTP’s close analysis of wholesale markets, which enables us to buy where conditions are right whilst maintaining a pre-agreed budget strategy in the clients favour. Drawing on over 30 years of experience of energy and procurement advice our expertise can be applied throughout the whole process from budget forecasts to validation of complex ‘energy only’ invoices. Our clients enjoy all the benefits of flexible utility procurement without the sting of the additional complexity that results.


We use industry leading trading platforms to access real time pricing for all energy markets across the UK and have access to leading-edge news and commentary which allow us to provide a clear view on market movements. For peace of mind, many available flexible products are supported by electronic systems which generate pricing automatically should an agreed limited be breached.




  • Risk-management policy tailored to each client needs and objectives
  • Flexibility over purchasing decisions for greater control
  • Increased price transparency as purchases relate to published market prices
  • Monthly, Quarterly or Seasonal purchase periods, both in and out of sequence
  • Regular market commentary and trading updates
  • Enables one purchasing solution for a whole group rather than one contract per client

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