Car Dealership reaps £10,165 reward from Utility Bureau Service

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Efficient Utility Bureau Service secures significant savings

How We Helped

Clifford Talbot Partnership was instructed to manage utilities for a car dealership. The client had a consultant in place but was not satisfied with the service they were receiving and this became clear when Clifford Talbot Partnership identified a number of issues the client had been unaware of:

  • Invoices estimated for >12 months causing issues with accruing and budgeting.
  • Incorrect site addresses on invoices.
  • Billing errors on invoices highlighting gaps in previous invoice validation.
  • Shipperless meters that had previously been ignored, without explanation or consequence.

Challenges: Estimated Invoices Billing Errors Not Correct Poor Service From Previous Consultant


Available Capacity – Immediate saving of £1,500 a Year

We saved the client £1,500/year immediately, by identifying and reducing available capacities on half hourly supplies which had been set too high.

AMR – Monitoring and Forecasting

Many sites did not have AMR (smart) meters fitted, which is industry standard. We arranged for these meters to be installed on all relevant electricity and gas supplies enabling the client to monitor their heating systems and put an end to estimated invoices.

Tender – Market awareness & competitive tendering saves £7,025

Immediately following appointment, we arranged new contracts as soon as possible, achieving the best prices and terms available through hard negotiations with a large range of suppliers saving the client £4,167. The benefit of selecting the right time to tender in the market soon became clear, as wholesale prices rose shortly afterwards saving a further £2,858.

Further Savings

  • Analysis of data for out-of-hours consumption, to improve heating and lighting systems and amend supplier tariffs.
  • Meter Operator contracts – achieved a decrease in Meter Operator costs by £1,640, a massive 50% saving, by securing exclusive rates.

We saved our client a total of £10,165

Client benefit of the Utility Bureau service going forward

In addition to the financial benefits highlighted above, we have also delivered value to the dealership by saving time and providing expert knowledge:

  • Monthly Accruals of invoice costs, to allow budgeting and accrual of funds.
  • Support and guidance with ESOS reporting requirements.
  • Feed in Tariff (FiT) Scheme.

The dealership now has confidence in the transparent and comprehensive service they are receiving and feel assured that their dedicated account manager is always on hand.

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