Why Clifford Talbot Partnership isn’t your typical energy broker

Are you looking to save your business money on energy bills? Well look no further than Clifford Talbot Partnership. By choosing us as your energy broker you’ll get top quality customer service, unbeatable prices and over 35 years of experience working in the UK and Irish markets. We were also one of the first companies to offer online Half Hour electrical energy usage data and analysis for our clients, back in the late 1990s. We’ve continued to lead the way with innovation in this area ever since.

One of the most important things for us is transparency. We value accuracy and honesty in every step of the process. As we are a fully independent organisation, unlike most utility brokers, we don’t receive any hidden commissions from our suppliers. This means we won’t pass on any unexpected and hidden charges to our customers. This isn’t always the case with most other utility and energy intermediaries, such as consultancies and brokers, who may recover their costs from a supplier commissions by inflating your energy or water bills.

Clifford Talbot offer an end to end energy management solution from Procurement right through to Bill Validation, so we can be confident we are paying the most competitive rates and our billing is accurate ”, says Dave Owen the Environmental and Purchasing Manager at Brayford Plastics. “Letting Clifford Talbot procure our Energy on our behalf and at the most competitive rates, has meant we can concentrate our efforts solely on running our business effectively.”

We work with both large and small organisations, so no matter the size of your company we will provide the best possible service. Our portfolio includes offices, retail parks and shopping centres, hotels, manufacturing businesses, tourist attractions, breweries and pub chains, health trusts, universities and many more. This means we have a broad understanding of all aspects involved in the utility markets and have experience handling clients with multiple sites and complex property portfolios.

CTP offers a fully comprehensive utility or energy management service, however, if this approach doesn’t work for you we also offer a fully bespoke service. Our teams will work alongside you to create a custom plan designed just for your business and what’s most important to you. The satisfaction of our clients is of vital importance to us so we use a multi-step process to ensure any issues you might have are addressed swiftly and completely. Leaving you in no doubt that we are providing you with the best possible service.

Marc Nunn, Associate Director at Savills says “I can’t recommend them highly enough.

For more information about the service we provide please visit our website https://www.cliffordtalbot.co.uk or contact Steve Clifford on 01630 685 144 or 07929 345764.

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Steve Clifford is Owner of Clifford Talbot Partnership which was formed in 1984 to provide solutions to energy and utility management issues in commerce, industry, government and the public sectors throughout the UK.