More than £40,000 saved in 3 months for a client using our Utility Bureau Service

A hotel chain with properties across the U.K. and Ireland approached CTP for help in reducing their energy bills. As we hadn’t previously worked with the customer, we started by going through all the consumption data to identify areas where reductions could be made. This is all done as part of our Utility Bureau Service, which draws on more than 35 years of experience in the industry to provide clients with all-inclusive and detailed management and monitoring of electricity, gas and water contracts and billing.

We were able to identify several opportunities where cost savings had been missed by the previous consultant. This process was very quick as we started working with the customer very close to their contract renewal date, meaning fast action had to be taken to make sure all the contracts were agreed in time. This was easily achieved and allowed us to help the client avoid very expensive out of contract rates or uncompetitive rollover rates with their previous suppliers.

The savings were broken down into 6 areas:

  • Within the first 3 weeks CTP had launched and concluded four separate tenders for electricity and gas supply contracts, which had a combined annual spend of £1 million. Through this process the client was saved £21,000 which is much higher than the cost of CTP’s services.
  • Health checks were carried out on all of the client’s utility accounts to assess whether any more savings could be made. Within 4 months of being appointed CTP had either identified or achieved a further annual saving of over £23,000 for the client.
  • £9,400 of possible annual savings were identified through supply capacity optimisation.
  • Poor heating controls were discovered at four of the chain’s hotels. Bringing in improved energy management techniques at these locations would save the client over £9,000.
  • CTP worked to renegotiate the electricity meter operator contract. This change will save the client £2,800 over the contract period, in comparison to the previous rates.
  • Finally, we were able to identify £780 per year of savings from potentially erroneous ‘poor power factor’ charges.

The savings we identified will not only save the client money year on year, but will also cover the cost of our services. We estimate it will take less than 20 weeks for the client to recover the cost of using our services including bill validation, ongoing monitoring and reporting.

This is just one example of how CTP can work to streamline a company’s energy bills, and provide a fully rounded management service that delivers the best possible prices for clients.

Owner of Utility Management Consultants , Clifford Talbot Partnership | Website

Steve Clifford is Owner of Clifford Talbot Partnership which was formed in 1984 to provide solutions to energy and utility management issues in commerce, industry, government and the public sectors throughout the UK.