Covid-19 Update

Under the present and unprecedented circumstances our priority is the health and welfare of our team members and their families. Therefore, as with many organisations throughout the UK, we are in the process of arranging for our team to work from home.

This has been quite a large task as up until last week, only a small number of senior members of the team had the facilities to do this. However, the necessary work is well under way and should be completed by close of business Friday the 20th March. Already the majority of our team are now able to work from home.

It is very much business as usual and we will continue with the very high level of service we have always provided to our clients and which our clients have come to expect. We anticipate a small number of the team will attend the office to receive post and do all the essential tasks necessary for clients’ data to be inputted into our IT systems.

At this most difficult time for us all, it is even more important that our service is continuous because with a large number of people starting to work from home, utility bills need to be closely monitored to ensure costs and consumptions of businesses reflect occupancy levels.

In the coming weeks, it might not be possible for the relevant people to make site visits to ensure utility consumption is optimised to match the specific needs during the period the restrictions on movement are in place so now is the time for action.

Clients should contact their Account Manager directly if they have any questions or concerns that have not already been addressed. New enquiries can be made about our services by calling the office on 01454 281 607 or contact us here.

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Steve Clifford is Owner of Clifford Talbot Partnership which was formed in 1984 to provide solutions to energy and utility management issues in commerce, industry, government and the public sectors throughout the UK.