More than £40,000 saved in 3 months for a client using our Utility Bureau Service

A hotel chain with properties across the U.K. and Ireland approached CTP for help in reducing their energy bills. As we hadn’t previously worked with the customer, we started by going through all the consumption data to identify areas where reductions could be made. This is all done as part of our Utility Bureau Service, which draws on more than 35 years of experience in the industry to provide clients with all-inclusive and detailed management and monitoring of electricity, gas and water contracts and billing.

We were able to identify several opportunities where cost savings had been missed by the previous consultant. This process was very quick as we started working with the customer very close to their contract renewal date, meaning fast action had to be taken to make sure all the contracts were agreed in time. This was easily achieved and allowed us to help the client avoid very expensive out of contract rates or uncompetitive rollover rates with their previous suppliers.

The savings were broken down into 6 areas:

  • Within the first 3 weeks CTP had launched and concluded four separate tenders for electricity and gas supply contracts, which had a combined annual spend of £1 million. Through this process the client was saved £21,000 which is much higher than the cost of CTP’s services.
  • Health checks were carried out on all of the client’s utility accounts to assess whether any more savings could be made. Within 4 months of being appointed CTP had either identified or achieved a further annual saving of over £23,000 for the client.
  • £9,400 of possible annual savings were identified through supply capacity optimisation.
  • Poor heating controls were discovered at four of the chain’s hotels. Bringing in improved energy management techniques at these locations would save the client over £9,000.
  • CTP worked to renegotiate the electricity meter operator contract. This change will save the client £2,800 over the contract period, in comparison to the previous rates.
  • Finally, we were able to identify £780 per year of savings from potentially erroneous ‘poor power factor’ charges.

The savings we identified will not only save the client money year on year, but will also cover the cost of our services. We estimate it will take less than 20 weeks for the client to recover the cost of using our services including bill validation, ongoing monitoring and reporting.

This is just one example of how CTP can work to streamline a company’s energy bills, and provide a fully rounded management service that delivers the best possible prices for clients.

Why Clifford Talbot Partnership isn’t your typical energy broker

Are you looking to save your business money on energy bills? Well look no further than Clifford Talbot Partnership. By choosing us as your energy broker you’ll get top quality customer service, unbeatable prices and over 35 years of experience working in the UK and Irish markets. We were also one of the first companies to offer online Half Hour electrical energy usage data and analysis for our clients, back in the late 1990s. We’ve continued to lead the way with innovation in this area ever since.

One of the most important things for us is transparency. We value accuracy and honesty in every step of the process. As we are a fully independent organisation, unlike most utility brokers, we don’t receive any hidden commissions from our suppliers. This means we won’t pass on any unexpected and hidden charges to our customers. This isn’t always the case with most other utility and energy intermediaries, such as consultancies and brokers, who may recover their costs from a supplier commissions by inflating your energy or water bills.

Clifford Talbot offer an end to end energy management solution from Procurement right through to Bill Validation, so we can be confident we are paying the most competitive rates and our billing is accurate ”, says Dave Owen the Environmental and Purchasing Manager at Brayford Plastics. “Letting Clifford Talbot procure our Energy on our behalf and at the most competitive rates, has meant we can concentrate our efforts solely on running our business effectively.”

We work with both large and small organisations, so no matter the size of your company we will provide the best possible service. Our portfolio includes offices, retail parks and shopping centres, hotels, manufacturing businesses, tourist attractions, breweries and pub chains, health trusts, universities and many more. This means we have a broad understanding of all aspects involved in the utility markets and have experience handling clients with multiple sites and complex property portfolios.

CTP offers a fully comprehensive utility or energy management service, however, if this approach doesn’t work for you we also offer a fully bespoke service. Our teams will work alongside you to create a custom plan designed just for your business and what’s most important to you. The satisfaction of our clients is of vital importance to us so we use a multi-step process to ensure any issues you might have are addressed swiftly and completely. Leaving you in no doubt that we are providing you with the best possible service.

Marc Nunn, Associate Director at Savills says “I can’t recommend them highly enough.

For more information about the service we provide please visit our website or contact Steve Clifford on 01630 685 144 or 07929 345764.

How Do You Know if You Can Trust Your Utilities Broker?

Trust is the foundation of all successful, mutually beneficial relationships – especially in business. When you know that you can entrust someone with a unique set of skills, qualifications, and talents to complete a challenging, complex task, you can rest assured knowing that your problems will be solved and you will not be taken advantage of in some capacity.

However, in the world of utilities, there is a simple problem that complicates the relationship between many clients and their utilities brokers: commission. By taking commissions, your utilities broker can hide from accountability, provide inferior service, or even negotiate contracts that are far more advantageous for them in terms of commission collected than for you, who should be getting the absolute best possible deal.

Do you know exactly how much you are paying for your utility management service?

You wouldn’t buy something without knowing exactly what you’re paying and what your money is getting you. As such, it shouldn’t be acceptable to pay for the services of a utilities broker when neither how much you’re paying, nor what they are doing for you, is clearly defined. To make matters worse, anyone can call themselves a broker, as there is no legal requirement or regulation one must hold to qualify for that title.

If your company is considering bringing on a utility broker, or is currently working with a utility broker, these are just a few of the major issues that you should be considering as you build and regularly reassess this business relationship.

What does good utility broker service look like?

With that in mind, what does good utility broker service look like? Your utility broker should be thorough, dedicated, transparent, experienced, and knowledgeable, with a proven record of successes for their clients. They should also be fully independent, which helps you rest assured knowing that they are working on your behalf – and not a utility provider’s.

At the bare minimum, your utility broker should proactively manage and monitor your energy and water contracts, as well as billing.

Typical utility management services include:

  • Procuring competitive contracts built around your specific needs
  • Confirming that all invoices are free of errors
  • Correcting for overcharges
  • Producing energy reports to help inform your business decision making process
  • Utility budgeting and tenant billing

Additional services on top of these can include:

  • Keeping a watchful eye out for energy issues
  • Informing you of any changes in policy or potential upcoming issues that may affect your service or what you pay for it
  • Advising you on new ways you can save money

If utility management is consuming huge amounts of your time – and you’re often finding yourself correcting invoices, needing to address sudden and unexpected issues in your contracts, or having to communicate on a regular basis with suppliers – then your service is likely inadequate.

If you’re having issues with your utility broker, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you feel frustrated with your utility broker?
  • Have their recommendations, as explained, worked for you in the past?
  • Do they meet the expectations that they set?
  • Do they arrive on time for scheduled meetings?
  • Are they well prepared?
  • Do you understand them clearly when you speak with them?
  • Are they transparent and forthcoming with any information you request from them?
  • Do you ever worry that they may prioritise their company’s own interests over yours?
  • After your contract was locked in and they collected commission, did you never hear from them again? Have they charged you additional fees beyond what was outlined for minor services?  

If yes, it may be time to look for a new utility broker. As you embark on this search, we recommend asking yourself these questions:

  • Do they seem competent?
  • Do they have a history of completing similar work for other clients with a successful track record?
  • Do they have case studies and testimonials to show their authority in the field?
  • How many years have they been in business?

Transparent charging gives confidence that your deal is fair

Regardless of your situation, it is important to remember this: no matter how your utility broker is paid, transparent fees are the ONLY way to properly evaluate both whether you are getting your money’s worth and if your utility broker is trustworthy.

Completely transparent charging is the only way to know exactly what your utility broker is collecting from you – or from a utility company they work with – and to determine the value of their services.


Clifford Talbot Partnership will broker the best deal possible because they provide their services under a completely transparent fixed fee agreement and, unlike the majority of utility service brokers, do not take payment from utility companies. (Yeomans)


Find out how much you are paying in commission

If you’re questioning the value of your utility broker’s services – or trying to verify exactly how much commission is being paid from your accounts then follow this simple process:

1) Ask your broker to complete and sign this template (giving your supplier permission to disclose commission).

2) Send the completed letter that your broker signs to your suppliers using draft email / letter

3) Calculate how much commission you are paying over the course of a year or send in the details to us and we will advise you.

Don’t pay more than you need to

Almost certainly you are paying something towards the cost of your broker service; whether this is hundreds or thousands of pounds will depend on the broker you use and the service they provide. Irrespective of how much you are paying there are a number fundamental questions you should consider if your broker is paid via commission.

You’ll be able to quickly tell if you may benefit from a second opinion, or the opinion of a fully qualified utility management account executive. You may be able to save a significant amount of money, negotiate a more effective contract, or simply receive service from a provider who pays greater attention to detail and better understands your business’s unique needs.