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Utility Bureau Service

Clifford Talbot Partnership have been helping companies to save money and energy since 1984.  We use our in-house systems to produce a cost-effective solution for client's utility needs. Our experienced staff undertake all of the routine invoice validation and contract negotiation and are backed by energy management engineers who advise on where energy savings can be made. This enables our client’s in-house resources to be re-directed into their key business priorities.

Cost-effective Utility Procurement - You pay the minimum prices and receive the best customer service. Selecting when to go to tender and the contract duration are complex decisions. We subscribe to daily market data, our experienced staff are constantly dealing with suppliers plus they have an in-depth knowledge of the energy markets and we therefore have the skills necessary to make these decisions for you. We tender in a format that meets supplier needs which maximises the number of tender returns. We negotiate in the knowledge of current market conditions. Our analysis and client reports are clear and concise. Finally, we ensure that your contractual and financial risks are minimised by avoiding suppliers that we know are unreliable.


Validation and Monitoring of Utility Bills - We ensure that you are not overcharged due to contract or administration errors and free your resources by only paying accurate and correct invoices. We use our own software to validate invoices and we monitor consumptions and costs monthly.


Resolution of Billing Errors with Suppliers - Invoice errors are chased on your behalf until completion - irrespective of time taken. We save you money by ensuring that you are correctly credited with any errors that occur. This minimises your staff time and, as we are a single point of contact for all utilities, it is simple and easy to contact us regarding issues that you might have.

Pre- and Post-Contract Support - We provide peace of mind by checking that contracts are correct and we confirm the suitability of terms and conditions. We also handle any registration enquiries and issue termination notices towards the end of the contract.

Online Client Website - Graphical and raw half-hour electrical maximum demand data is provided in a secure format on our website. We cross-check this against supplier invoices and review the data to identify any anomalies and to assess the potential for further savings. You also have the information to hand in order to evaluate your own energy use.

Regular Assessment and Reporting - Your utility accounts are assessed by our energy management engineers, reports produced and, together with our web News, we ensure that you are kept informed about your account and current issues. This minimises the time needed for your own internal reporting by providing you with the summary information that you require.

Independent - We are not associated with any supplier. You can therefore rest assured that all decisions made are in your best interest.

Clear Fee Structure - We are completely impartial and receive no commission from suppliers. You therefore have peace of mind that there are no hidden charges.

Whatever your business sector we are able to help.




Our full Utility Bureau Service undertakes the utility procurement process, provides invoice validation, resolves billing errors and undertakes ongoing monitoring and reporting of client’s supplies and includes:


  • maintaining a detailed knowledge of the relevant supply industries
  • selecting suitable suppliers
  • tendering and evaluating offers
  • negotiating
  • checking and approving contracts
  • validating, approving and monitoring utility invoices
  • identifying and resolving errors with suppliers
  • analysing data to identify further potential energy efficiency opportunities
  • providing key reports to our clients
  • reconciling sub-meter data and providing tenant billing
  • issuing regular updates
  • providing web access to selected data
  • providing a ‘one-stop-shop’ for energy management


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Utility Bureau Service

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