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We pride ourselves on our utility account management. Our approach and procedures result in excellent savings being made for our clients. This is aptly demonstrated with the fact that most clients stay with us for many years. Each client has a dedicated utility Account Executive who works to achieve the best outcome for that client in all utility aspects.


We can commence working on a utility account at any time of the year. It is not necessary to wait until the approach of the end of a contract since we will frequently identify savings from initial data. We may tender up to 9 months in advance of a contract end date in order to gain the benefits of market trends and it is vital therefore that we are appointed at the earliest opportunity. Right from the very start, we are seeking savings for our clients. Amongst the issues that we include when we set up an account are the following:

•   We input 12 months of historical invoices to populate our system so that we can start checking trends from the very first ‘live’ invoice. This results in an effective free check of twelve months of invoices for errors and possible savings.

•   For half hourly metered electricity supplies we check the Available Capacity that is registered on the relevant distribution company’s system against the actual billed Capacity. This approach results in early identification of any billing errors and frequently results in a refund of overcharges.

•   For gas accounts we check the Annual Quantity (AQ) held with the supplier which ensures that the correct information is used for procurement. This frequently results in the early identification of any large discrepancy of AQ compared to annual consumption which can be an issue during the contracting process.

•   For water accounts, we check that the account is on the best tariff and will arrange for a change in tariff where necessary, check that the meter is sized correctly, check that the surface water drainage charge is based on the correct area and review the agreed percentage return to sewers figure.

Our ongoing utility account management is key to the successful reduction in consumptions and costs.

For electricity supplies where half hour data is available, we arrange for this data to be sent to us directly by the supply company. Regardless of the varying formats used by the different supply companies, we configure and analyse the information contained within it and upload it in a common format to our web site for use by our clients. Alternatively, we can arrange for our preferred Data Collector to be appointed and then to provide Day + 1 data on our site. This enables data to be selected, viewed, printed or downloaded. Our graphical method of presentation enables us and the client to very easily see where utility management could be improved and where unexpected variations in demand are occurring. We cross-reference this data with the invoices raised by the supply company to check for invoicing errors. In addition, areas where further savings may be achieved from improved utility management are examined.

We provide details of how other savings, refunds and rebates can be obtained which are identified from the data received and from bench marking. This could include measures such as:


• Combining meters or supplies into one contract
• Changing from low to high voltage supply
• Changing to an alternative published tariff
• Reduction in supply capacity, night/weekend loads, water meter size etc.
• Improving power factor
• Improving energy management of plant and equipment



Common issues we deal with include:

  • Supplier’s half hourly electricity data is uploaded to our website and reviewed by an experienced energy management engineer to identify any meter errors and utility management opportunities.


  • Change of Tenancies (CoT) are completed in an efficient manner because:


    • we hold copies of CoT forms for all the suppliers
    • we understand each supplier’s requirements
    • we have direct points of liaison to ensure that final bills are issued in a timely manner


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